Saturday, 23 October 2010

My First level 20 on Realm of the Mad God!!

 Just got my first level 20 on realm of the mad god, the game I posted a while back.

The game updated either yesterday or today, but now it is a lot easier to navigate.

I haven't managed to get to 20 before, but now I managed in about 25-30 minutes.

You can just click on a green dot on your minimap and teleport to other players.

 Just try to teleport to massive groups of people, like in the image.

This game is just funny to play, it's simple, yet fun.

Hope you have a good time on it.


Has anyone really been said...

wicked game, gave it a try, had loads of fun.

Czikita said...

minecraft style ; p

Jakey said...

looks funny. I'll give it a try

universal_cereal_bus said...

haha i love this game

Tresni said...

Played it quite a few times never managed to get to 20 tho :(

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