Friday, 29 October 2010

Halloween Makeup Effects Tutorial

This video is basically how I created the wounds that were seen in an earlier post.  It is very simple to follow.  However, instead of using liquid latex, all I did was use PVA glue.  Any glue that dries see through will do, however, pva has a little bit of elasticity.   Also, you may want to add a layer of tissue over the twisted tissue.  This gets rid of the lines and just makes it look more realistic.

As well as this, when it comes to adding the blood, I did not use a Q-tip.  I just spread it with my finger.  This makes it look messier, and more natural.

I know I needed to add a bit of black and also a bit more blood, but I had no black make-up or anything black tbh, and I ran out of the blood.

Hope this helps you guys, if you need any more tips, just make sure to ask.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Halloween Make-up Effects.

This is me.  I have blurred my face, just because xD

It was my first try at doing anything like this.  What do you guys think?

Did it turn out well or not.

Any constructive criticism is welcome.

Once again, sorry for the crappy posts recently, been very tired xD

Well, I am in the cadets, and this comes in very handy for me, even though I knew it.  Could maybe come in handy to anyone out there, sorry about not posting for the last while, been busy with things.

I will post more in a few hours time.

Until then, have fun.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Minecraft Hacking - Cheat Engine - Get Bedrock or ANY block for Griefing

In this video I show you how to obtain ANY block in minecraft using very basic knowledge of cheat engine and a step-by-step instructional on how to get the blocks!

Below is a Link to Minecraft Wiki with a list of block Data Values

Spread this video around and have fun with this security flaw whilst it lasts, Im all for the advancement of minecraft so I hope it get's fixxed soon.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

How to pet my cat.

Here's another life hack post.  This time showing how to properly pet a cat!

Never know when you might need to train an army of kittehs.

Anyway, thought it looked cool.

My favourite Minecraft Server! -- Buxville!

Now this is a special server.
It isn't like the normal, just build crap, it has a working economy, jobs, towns, building lots.  Everything you need on a server.

The idea is to just live, but this server has a purpose.  I suggest checking it out.

My First level 20 on Realm of the Mad God!!

 Just got my first level 20 on realm of the mad god, the game I posted a while back.

The game updated either yesterday or today, but now it is a lot easier to navigate.

I haven't managed to get to 20 before, but now I managed in about 25-30 minutes.

You can just click on a green dot on your minimap and teleport to other players.

 Just try to teleport to massive groups of people, like in the image.

This game is just funny to play, it's simple, yet fun.

Hope you have a good time on it.

Forecasting the Weather...Without gadgets.

Interesting stuff right here.
Remember this, I tested this and it is true.
All works, I can tell the weather whenever I need to now, good for making some friends when you tell them it's gunna rain in a few minutes xD

Sorry about the picture being so large...

Minecraft Hacking

Here's one of my few minecraft hacking videos.  Just showing how to use mine edit to get items on single player.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Realm of the Mad God

Been playing this fun little game xD

Quite useful just to waste a little time, have fun with it.

Just sign up!

It is a very simple game really, you can start out one of 5 classes, from memory these are the rogue, warrior, mage, priest and an archer. The idea of the game is to kill enemies.

When you first join the game you go through a very simple tutorial, and that is that. You are thrown into the world of RotMG.

The game updated recently, now making a portal room.  This allows you to join rooms with many other people and level very quickly.  This is good! When you get to level 20 on one of the 5 classes, you unlock a higher grade character!!!

Spread this game around, it really is addicting.

Just have fun!

How to pack a Suitcase.

Packing a suitcase...Like a Boss.


So, who else hates creepers?

Need a new game...

World of Warcraft is dead!
It has been ruined...

I'm looking for a new game, doesn't matter if it is free or not, I just need something new to play that is online.

Hopefully with a friendly player base, people who are willing to help when you start out and such.

Just gimme any ideas you've got, absolutely anything.

Thought I would just share this with you guys. Never know when this could come in handy.

Also, I just started playing WoW again... Anyone else think that it has been completely destroyed? Vanilla was pro, but now... Ick.

Those Damn Ninjas...

Those Damn Ninjas

Minecraft video me and my mate made.

Enjoy ^^


Hey anyone who reads this!

First attempt at blogging, so... Hi.

Hope you are having a good day ^^

Ciao for now.